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Zombie Strongman




Power Source:None

Made For: Indoor & Outdoor Use

Blacklight Reactive

Online Only

The Zombie Strongman used to love his job at the circus as a strongman. But one day, the circus got really busy and when the strongman went to juggle the elephants again for the 105th time, he didn't feel strong anymore. His muscles just couldn't bear the weight anymore. After that show, he turned blue from exaust leaving a permenant stain in the form of eye color. From then on, the strongman looked so hideous, that he made the clowns cry. The circus let him go because he eventually gained new abilities. Abilities greater than the strongest men on earth. To this day, the Zombie Strongman hides in the bushes wating for his next victim. So don't get close. Or the cost will be a black eye you'll never forget.

From the creepy circus comes the decaying Zombie Strongman animatronic to feast on the flesh of those who dare cross his path. Just his rotting skin alone is enough to make anyone squeal. This animatronic stands at six inches tall with a menacing set of blue eyes and a hungry mouth that spews several bone-chilling moans and groans. Be careful not to get snatched when he comes to life and he tries to punch you with his set of blue arms.


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