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Wheel Of Fate




Power Source:3 AAA Batteries

Made For: Indoor & Outdoor Use

Grimm used to be a fortune teller. But one hallows eve, Grimm went to work and took out his wheel and noticed that something was different on it. But he couldn't say what. When he tried to use it one night on a costomer, the wheel landed on the extra spot which took his soul. Nowadays, he hides in carnivals looking for new victims. So if the Wheel Of Fate finds you, you're the one who's going to get a good spin.

Once you hear the spinning of Wheel Of Fate this Halloween you'll know it's already too late to run and you'll soon become it's next victim! Make this Wheel Of Fate Animatronic a part of your Halloween display and you'll always be showing your fandom for creepy wheels. This wheel is sure to give your friends and family a fright. You never know what your fate will be until you get a good look at what he decides as your fate! With up to 360 degrees of upper wheel motion this animatronic is sure to be a hit in your collection.


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