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The Scarecrow Dog


Size:4 Feet


Power Source:None

Made For: Indoor & Outdoor Use

Online Only

The Scarecrow Dog was once a good boy. He always fetched the paper and did what his owner told him to do. One day, he went to go fetch the newspaper and mistaken it for toilet paper. So The Scarecrow Dog ate it and brought it back to his owner. This tiny misunderstanding was too much for the owner to take. So one dark evening, On a blood moon, The Scarecrow Dog was killed by his owner. Then the owner burned it's organs and put the remains of the dog on the branch of a tree to be possessed by demons from the underworld. Never let your guard down towards this dog because he's not mans best friend anymore.

Everyone loves puppies, but be warned: The Scarecrow Dog is not a friendly dog. He'll make you feel bad for him when you hear him howling in pain, but don't get too close! The demons that possess him are salivating for some fresh meat, and you could be his next victim!


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