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Swinging Christmas Penguin


Size:3 1/2 Inches (Depth)


Power Source:Unknown At This Time

Made For: Indoor & Outdoor Use

Online Only

This penguin can sing. What's wrong with that? He even has an adorable hat. He sang Christmas carols so much that his friends got annoyed. He even sung in town because he was so overjoyed. When it comes to bringing Christmas spirit, he was no friend. He was about to meet his end. The Swinging Christmas Penguin was locked away in a lunatic asylum to stop him from singing. But a couple days later,that stopped working. Now the Swinging Christmas Penguin lives in a 100 ft hole. Should you go there, you can't hear him or see him. All you will see is a candy cane pole. The Swinging Christmas Penguin hangs from the Candy cane. But surprisingly, is never in pain. To get here, the Swinging Christmas Penguin was clever, because now, Christmas really can last forever.

This life-sized Swinging Christmas Penguin animatronic moves from side to side for a scare that is unlike the rest.


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