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Ghost Clown




Power Source:3 AA Bateries

Made For: Indoor & Outdoor Use

Activation Mode: Sensor Only

Blacklight Reactive

Online Only

Arthur was once a happy birthday clown. But one day, he got a mysterious assignment at a labratory. He wasn't too sure about it. But his boss made him go. He went to the lab and did his work. But before he left, he did a tight rope trick over a pool of chemicals and didn't make it to the other end. By the time the scientists could do something about it, it was too late. Arthur had been transformed into a scary Ghost Clown. That day, the Ghost Clown feasted on all the children at the party. If you get too close to the Ghost Clown, You'll be a vegetarian for the rest of your life... if you can manage to escape his grasp.

Hanging at a menacing 5 feet and 9 inches with his black light responsive clown face, Ghost Clown is an excellent choice to add to any horrifying display. His sinister smile along with his maniacal laugh and light-up green LED eyes are sure to have your guests frozen with fear and gasping for their last breath. Look into his light-up green LED eyes as he watches you struggle for freedom and it'll be the last thing you see!


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