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Made For: Indoor & Outdoor Use

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Known for his orange, egg shaped nose, Eggwin isn't exactly the most handsome of people. He used to have a job at the circus as the star of the freak show. The circus is a very loud place. So when everyone was booing at him, it was so much comotion that Eggwin thought people were clapping and cheering and laughing. Eggwin used to love his job at the circus until people started discriminating him online. Ever since then, he tried to make himself look as ugly as possible and he showed everyone the same hate that he got from them. Eggwin nowadays is just as scary as he is ugly. So don't get close. Or you'll have more than a bad hair day.

Turn any home into a scary circus when you put Eggwin on display in your home. His startling appearance and scary laugh will terrify any guests who enter your creepy carnival this Halloween!


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